04 . 19 . 2017

We Love New Talent!

The Spring show will feature 30 up and coming makers as part of our Emerging Market section on the show floor. These artists have fewer than 3 years of professional art experience and are brand new to the One of a Kind Show artist base. Preview them here and below and make sure to visit them next week at the show! Brighton Place Design House, Portland,... Read More

04 . 10 . 2017

Get to Know... Ann Everett

Raised in Ireland and now based in Chicago, Ann Everett designs fashion forward women's apparel that is fun, functional and "freeing". One of a Kind: Tell us about your work. Ann: My clothes are always functional--a bag has to feel right in your hand, pockets need to be in the right place on the outside of a garment. It is crucial that my clothes are comfortable,... Read More

04 . 04 . 2017

Get to Know... Sue Lowenberg

Known as "The Pencil Lady", Sue Lowenberg creates jewelry, picture frames, furniture and portraits out of (you guessed it!) pencils. One of a Kind: How did you get started? Sue: As an avid collector of folk and outside art, I traveled extensively to the Southern U.S. to visit self-taught artists in their own environments. I took a special interest in how these... Read More

03 . 28 . 2017

Get to Know... Lisa DeMio

Lisa DeMio, here with her husband, creates colorful, durable carry accessories under the name of Red Staggerwing. One of a Kind: Tell us about Red Staggerwing. Lisa: Red Staggering is my collection of high quality, everyday carry accessories featuring handprinted linen, waxed canvas, leather and cotton. Every piece is carefully handcrafted in my small New... Read More

03 . 21 . 2017

Get to Know... Amy Shepsman

Amy Shepsman's exuberant Flaca Jewelry is inspired by architecture around New York City and different textiles, textures, and other organic matter. One of a Kind: Why did you start your Flaca Jewelry line? Amy: After working in both the entry level base jewelry world and then the high end luxury jewelry world, I felt there was a great void between the two... Read More

03 . 17 . 2017

Go Green for St. Patrick's Day

May good fortune and pretty little green things always come your way. Happy St. Patrick's Day from the One of a Kind Show team! Flaca Jewelry: Bullet tassel earrings Beebop & Wally: Pebble dress Danilo Cuevas: 3 Leaf clover Zen Art & Design: Artisanal, heirloom-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles Gina Pannorfi Inc.: shawls made from one of three... Read More

03 . 15 . 2017

Get to Know... Amy Zwikel

Fiber artist Amy Zwikel is inspired by patterns, nature and the actual craft itself. Everything is natural, neutral and full of texture. One of a Kind: What will you be bringing to the Spring show? Amy: I will be bringing unique macrame wall hangings of various sizes and complexities. Plant hangers, pillows and other home decor as well. One of a Kind:... Read More

02 . 28 . 2017

Get to Know... Chhaya Shrader

Chhaya Shrader (yes there's 2 "h"s!) of Lucky Skye Graphics creates original art prints and art objects inspired by literature, pop culture, science, music and geometry. One of a Kind: How did you get started? Chhaya: Making art is my second career after working as an architect for many years. I left the confines of the corporate world and have not looked back! One of... Read More

02 . 14 . 2017

❤️Happy Valentine's Day!❤️

The One of a Kind team wishes you a Valentine's Day filled with LOVE! Enjoy these special love-themed creations from One of a Kind artists McCollum Photography, Josiah Eidmann and Hope + Mary. xoxo Read More

11 . 28 . 2016

5 New Artists to Check Out

Lucky shoppers will find a lot of fresh new talent and work at the 2016 One of a Kind Holiday Show! More than a quarter of our 600 artists will be exhibiting at the Holiday show for the first time. Whether participating in the new "Emerging Market" section (which features up-and-coming artists who have fewer than three years of experience as a full-time... Read More