One of a Kind Show


Get to Know... Mary Hamby of Twenty Two West

11 . 05 . 2018

Mary Hamby uses the classic techniques of weaving, ceramics and woodworking to create fiber jewelry and modern art.

One of a Kind:  Tell us about your work.

Mary:  I am a full time artist working out of my studio in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The name of my business comes from a place that inspires me--the address of the home where I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina.  My goal is to combine nostalgic roots and modern designs in each of my handmade pieces.  

One of a Kind:  What will you be bringing to the show in December?

Mary:  I'm bringing my new Fall & Winter 2018 collection that is filled with porcelain clay, yarn reclaimed from unraveled sweaters, paper linen, hand weaving, and small felted accents.  I designed this collection with rich seasonal colors that stand out against inky black, milky white and matte gold porcelain accents.  

One of a Kind:  Anything specific for the holidays?

Mary:  Each year I design a special ornament that features porcelain and fiber in the design.  And I'll have little gift wrapped grab bags under the ornament tree in my booth with surprise jewelry that make the perfect gift!

I'm also creating a series of loom blocks for One of a Kind.  I started making my loom blocks after falling in love with the way a weaving looks in progress. Keeping the weaving on the loom allows me to use a  traditional two-dimensional art form in a three-dimensional way.  Each piece has its own personality that comes to life through the handmade process.  I love how much character and life these art pieces bring to bookshelves, mantles and side tables.

One of a Kind:  What drew you to weaving?

Mary:  Growing up I was always making.  I played around with sewing, hand lettering, crocheting, knitting, photography, pottery, painting, drawing... you name it!  But nothing compared to weaving for me.  It was in those first moments of weaving that I knew I wanted to be a fiber artist.  It connected what was in my brain with my hands in a way it never had with any other medium.  

One of a Kind:  How did your art become your business?

Mary:  I studied interior design and worked in the industry after college.  I absolutely loved it but it was more intellectually creative and my hands were dying to get back to weaving.  In 2015 with the encouragement of my fearlessly supportive husband, I made the jump and signed the lease on my first studio and started Twenty Two West full-time.  My days are now filled with fiber, wood and clay and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Meet Mary in person at her Twenty Two West booth at the show!