One of a Kind Show


Get to Know... Nicole Maslowski of Maslo Jewelry

11 . 12 . 2018

Based in Richmond, VA, Nicole Maslowski designs jewelry that is both minimal and bold.  She's also an animal lover--donating a portion of Maslo's sales to Pets for Vets.

One of a Kind:  Tells us about Maslo Jewelry.

Nicole:  I like to combine industrial materials such as copper and brass with geometric shapes and asymmetry to create classic statement pieces.  My pieces are plated, painted or powder-coated.  Powder coating is a cool process that uses dry powder applied to metal using an electrostatic charge that ionically bonds it.

One of a Kind:  Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Nicole:  I take inspiration from every single thing around me.  But most recently I've been in love with different materials, finishes and textures.  I generally gravitate towards simple, minimal and classic design.  Fashion, architecture and interior design inspire me as well.

One of a Kind:  What led you to design?

Nicole:  Growing up with a father that liked to build, design and remodel the home taught me how to take the ordinary and turn it into something classic, timeless and beautiful.  It made me look at building and construction materials as possible design elements for my pieces.  My mother crafted with me on the weekends (and still yells at me for cutting wire with her sewing scissors!).  I thank my parents for my talent and drive.  The Maslo name represents them as well with their believe in classic, minimal and well-thought out design.

One of a Kind:  If you weren't an artist what would you be?

Nicole:  That's a tough one!  I went to school for Graphic Design and still love all areas of design including interior design, architecture, and anything creative and visual.  But I also have a love of animals--especially dogs, so I'd have to say I'd do something that would combine my love for dogs and how dogs can help people.  Maslo donates a portion of its sales to Pets for Vets, organization that matches shelter dogs with veterans who struggle with emotionally or physical injuries post-combat.  My father was  a P.O.W. for 3 years in Vietnam, and my mother a military nurse so this organization hits home for me.  

Nicole makes her debut at the One of a Kind Show this December.  Make sure to stop by her Maslo booth.