One of a Kind Show

Exhibitor Central


Each exhibiting company must register their names and the names of each assistant authorized to work in the booth. Artists and assistants must show photo I.D to pick up their badges and welcome packet at the Registration Desk located in the Main Lobby (south) on the first floor of THE MART. More details about registration will be available in the fall.

Booth Details

  • Cleaning

    All booths will be vacuumed prior to the first day of the show at no charge. If you require additional cleaning services, please request this service in the Exhibitor Services Portal when it becomes available.

  • Drayage

    Also known as “materials handling,” drayage is the labor to receive freight during move-in, delivering it to your booth, removing empty containers, storing and returning them after the show, and loading materials for outbound shipping. This cost is included in your booth package except in the following cases: Oversize deliveries and deliveries received outside the posted times will be charged at a rate of $57.00 per 100 lbs. (cwt).

  • Equipment

    Your booth package includes hard wall partitions, gray carpeting, one chair, waste basket, 4 incandescent flood lights, standard electric (duplex outlet), and drayage (moving work to and from loading dock and your space). Chairs and wastebaskets must be requested in the Exhibitor Services Portal, which will be available in the fall of 2024. Please note that tables are not included with your booth package but can be ordered for a fee.

  • Flooring

    Booths and corridors are carpeted in gray. If you would like to install custom flooring, please contact Exhibitor Services Team at [email protected].

  • Lighting

    Exhibit space includes a standard booth lighting package: (4) 17W PAR38 3500K Narrow Floods for every 100 sq. ft. of rented booth space. The first 15 minutes of light adjustments for every 100 sq. ft. of rented booth space is complimentary must be requested by 3pm on Wednesday, December 6th. Additional time and requests placed after December 6th, will be billed at the on-site electrical labor rates. All electrical services will be provided and installed by The Mart. You can order more light fixtures and electricity if needed. Questions regarding the acceptability of your electrical set-up may be directed to Exhibitor Services Team at [email protected].

  • Booth Schematic Request

    If you would like to recieve a schematic drawing of your booth, you can fill out the form that will be available in the fall of 2024.

  • Signage

    All booths come with a standard identification sign that hangs from the top of the booth header.

  • Storage

    Paid on-site accessible storage

    Accessible Storage located on the show floor is available for artists to keep extra product/inventory. Spaces are $150 for approximately 5 ft by 5 ft space and are meant solely for the back stock of product needed over the course of the 4 day show. The form to reserve a storage space will be available in the fall.

    Empty Boxes/Packaging

    Due to City of Chicago Fire Ordinances, packing materials may not remain on the show floor while the show is open. Flammable containers must be removed from the floor. When your containers are empty, obtain “EMPTY” labels from the Exhibitor Services Desk. Use the labels to mark your crates, boxes and containers with your company name and booth number. Leave the containers in the aisle; for your convenience, these empty labeled containers will be picked up by MMPI staff and returned to you at the end of the Show. Please remember that you will not have access to these containers during the show.

  • Fine Art Gallery

    The Fine Art Gallery offers our fine artists additional exposure in a gallery environment. Located on the show floor, this space is professionally curated, hung and lit allowing art enthusiasts a unique space to view like work. Upon acceptance, a $150 fee applies. Only one piece can be submitted per artist. The form will be available in fall of 2024.

  • Walls

    Each booth is equipped with 8' high hard walls, 1" thick, painted white. Seamless, paper-covering is available to order in a variety of colors.

    Any installation that requires the use of power tools may not be done by exhibitors and must instead be done by our in-house carpenters. Labor can be requested and scheduled through the Boomer portal. If you are using manual power tools for your installation please keep in mind that the walls are only 1 inch thick, so you may only use ½ inch screws. Personal branding, signage, décor, shelving and product can be hung on the walls using fasteners that will not result in damage. Good options include, small nails, small screws, 3M removable hooks, etc.

    Wall Covering/Decals- The Mart is a union building, and any wallpapering/added decals that is done must be done by our in-house labor. While they have let things slide in the past, we’ve been notified that they can no longer do so. You may order our solid-colored wallpaper which is $16.75 per linear foot at the regular rate, and this includes installation and removal. Or if you plan to bring your own custom wallpaper or decals, our labor can install it at $203.75 per hour at the regular rate. This installation fee also covers the cost for our labor to remove it after the show. Please keep in mind, if you do install these items yourself, there will be a restoration fee which is equal to the cost to install it. Hanging displays, shelves, product and signage does not apply to this rule and can be affixed by the artist using manual or battery-operated tools (No power tools). For more inforamtion, please visit the ordering portal or email [email protected].

    All wallpaper or adhesives, and vinyl may not be installed by exhibitors and must instead be done by our in-house painters. Labor can be requested and scheduled through Exhibitor Ordering portal. If any such items are done by exhibitors they will be subject to restoration and/or labor fees.

  • Wifi

    Complimentary WiFi is available on the show floor to all exhibitors. The password code is: themart60654.

  • Emerging Spaces

    • Spaces are longer than wide and have an approx. footprint of 5ft x 10ft. (5 ft deep and 10 ft long, approximately 50 sq. ft.)
    • This area is set up market style, with 1 back wall and no side walls
    • The wall in the back of your booth is approx. 8 inches high, 1-inch thick, solid wood and painted white. While you can nail and screw into your wall, you can’t paint it. You are welcome to order a paper covering for it by filling out an order form through the Ordering Portal.
    • The space includes 3 flood lights, a standard duplex outlet with 150 watts of electric and light gray carpeting throughout
    • A wastebasket and a chair are complimentary but must be ordered pre-show through the Ordering Portal
    • Below are past Emerging Booths for reference:


Set-Up and Dismantle

  • Set-up/Dismantle Hours

    Load-in Hours - Freight and POV (Personally Owned Vehicles)
    Tuesday, December 3rd, 8:00am-3:00pm
    Wednesday, December 4th, 8:00am-3:00pm

    *Any deliveries made outside these times will be subject to a charge of $57.00 per 100 lbs.

    Set-up Hours

    Tuesday, December 3rd, 8:00am-4:00pm (Loading Dock closes at 3:00pm)
    Wednesday, December 4th 8:00am- 7:00om (Loading Dock closes at 3:00pm)

    Dismantling Hours and Load-out Hours
    Sunday, December 8th, 5:00pm-10:00pm (POV's only)
    Monday, December 9th, 8:00am-12:00pm (Common carriers must be checked in by 12:00pm)

  • Set-up/Dismantle Procedure


    • All exhibits must be set up by 7:00pm on Wednesday, December 4th. No construction, arranging, or setting up of exhibits, including deliveries or moving of products, are permitted during show hours.
    • Exhibtiors may use any type of nail or screw, please do not exceed 1/2 an inch since the walls are only 1 inch thick. If you are hanging something on the heavier side., please use multiple wall anchors so that the weight of the item is evenly distributed.
    • Please do not install wall graphics and vinyl onto the wall themselves. It damages the wood and our painters will need to remove at the end of the show. You will be charged a fee.
    • Exhibitors may hand-carry small items, but we ask that they refrain from using handcarts, flatbeds, or dollies. Our Material Handling Staff is on hand to facilitate such moves.
    • Rolling racks and carts are not allowed in the passenger elevators. please use the freight elevators. The unloading of product on the north and south drives of THE MART is prohibited.
    • Use of Common Space: all display pieces and items for sale must be placed within your booth, not outside of it. Mannequin stands, clothing racks, shelving units, etc. have started to bleed into the aisles over the years. This is not only against the rules, but also unfair to other artists who are abiding by the rules. Items partially or fully in the aisle are tripping hazards, a liability and put the entire show at risk of being shut down by the fire marshal.
    • Common walls display usage: Putting 2D artwork on common walls will is not allowed without approval of Show Management.
    • Column/pillar display usage: if you are in a corner booth and have an outside column, you may hang a flat display on all four sides of the column – nothing however can be setup on the floor on the two sides of the column outside your lease line (facing the aisles) If you are in an inline booth with a column in the front you may share the front of the column with your neighbor. If your neighbor relinquishes use of the column space, you are welcome to use the entirety of the front surface.
    • Artist in Attendance: artists must be on-site for the duration of the 4-day show. This is a prerequisite for acceptance and an essential element to your participation. Sending assistants in your place is not acceptable and will not be allowed.

    Dismantling Procedures

    • Any artists breaking down their booth prior to the show closing (5:00 p.m. Sunday, December 10) will be fined $1000. Please arrange travel accordingly.
    • All booths must be left in a reasonable state that enables them to be easily repaired and repainted. All nails, velcro, staples, paper or other materials applied to the booth walls must be removed prior to vacating the booth. Exhibitors will be assessed repair charges based on time and materials if they choose not to comply.
    • Please note that every effort to return empty boxes as quickly as possible at the close of the show will be made, but it may take several hours for all empty containers to be returned. Please make travel plans accordingly.
    • If bringing down merchandise from your booth during Load Out, please make sure that you have room in your vehicle for all merchandise. An hourly charge will be assessed to the artist for any merchandise that has to be returned to your booth because it does not fit.
    • If you are unsure if your display requires labor, submit the Customization Order Form and our Operations Team will gladly respond.
    • Display materials must adhere to Chicago Fire Department Rules and Regulations. If you require further information, please contact Exhibitor Services Team at [email protected].
  • Shipping Address

    2024 One of a Kind Holiday Show and Sale®
    (Your Company Name)
    (Your Booth Number 7 - XXXX) 7th Floor
    c/o MMPI
    222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
    Chicago, IL 60654

  • Shipping Guidelines

    • Consolidate all freight—booth, merchandise, literature, etc.—into one shipment.
    • Clearly label all packages with show name, company name, and booth number. Remove all old labels.
    • All freight must be no larger than 5’ wide x 10’ long x 5’8” high and weigh less than 2,000lbs. Any freight that exceeds these measurements and MMPI does feel safe to turn on its side will be charged a handling fee of $57 per item, per trip. MMPI is not responsible for damage or loss to product during turning. Any items too large to move will be held at the loading dock for unpacking. An hourly surcharge will be applied and your booth set-up will be delayed.
    • Create a detailed inventory sheet of every item you are shipping or bringing to the show. Be able to provide the number of units, item descriptions (i.e. cartons, cases, crates, and/or individual items), and weight for all shipments being delivered to the show.
    • All shipments should include piece count to ensure proper tracking, manifesting, and delivery of freight.
    • Insure your merchandise against theft, damage, and loss from the time it leaves your facility until it returns.
    • A handling charge of $57.00 per 100lbs is applied to shipments that arrive outside the designated shipping schedules OR to shipments that exceed the freight size limitations.
    • You will not be permitted to use handcarts, rolling racks, flatbeds, or dollies however small luggage carts are acceptable.

    UPS/Fed Ex/Small Package Services

    All packages will be received through the loading dock. Please note that piece counts cannot be guaranteed for such shipments. Where possible, exhibitors may avoid delays and extra charges by having express deliveries shipped to their hotel. Any packages received outside of the designated shipping schedule will be billed at a rate of $57.00 per 100lbs.

    You may ship your materials to and from the show via any carrier. We do not recommend shipping your items through USPS. You are required only to contact your carrier, pack your materials, and file a Bill of Lading with the freight desk. Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. assumes no responsibility for shipments until they are collected from the exhibitor’s booth. A representative of the exhibitor should remain with their property until this has been done.

  • Domestic Shipping

    The exhibitor is free to choose their means of shipping. Most exhibitors use UPS and FedEx. We do not recommend shipping your items through USPS. To aid in your shipping needs, One of a Kind Show and Sale® commonly works with the companies listed on the left for domestic ground transportation services:

    Airways Freight is the official carrier of the One of a Kind Show. They will be available on site to answer outbound shipping questions. You can contact Airways Freight at (630) 221-8850 for advanced questions and scheduling.

    Airways Freight
    Ed Andel
    [email protected]
    Tel: (630) 221-8850

    Art in Motion specializes in the transportation of art work to and from several shows throughout North America. They should be contacted in advance for shipments in and out of the One of a Kind Show. Art in Motion will not be on site for the show.

    Art In Motion
    Johan Westenburg
    [email protected]
    Tel: (860) 580-9643

    Important: These shippers are provided for your convenience only. THE MART makes absolutely no representation or warranty as to the ability, quality or expertise of any shipper, and disclaims any liability for any loss, cost or damage to any artwork in the care, custody or control of any shipper.

    Exhibitors must maintain their own insurance, as customary insurance provided by shippers is usually inadequate. Please see your shipper for additional technical details.

  • International Shipping

    The international shipping company listed below can handle all of your shipping needs including; customs brokerage, recommendations on transport carries both internationally and locally, advice on accurate documents and customs procedures, and any arrangements regarding importation and exportation rules.

    Broker's Services
    Upon arrival in the United States your shipment must go through customs. You may accompany your own shipment through customs or make arrangements with your shipper to receive the shipment and file the appropriate papers with U.S. customs. THE MART accepts no liability for inaccurate information provided to customs brokers or the U.S. Customs Service regarding contents and descriptions of shipments.


    • U.S. Customs has experienced unusual delays that may compromise the timely delivery of your shipment. Please plan your shipment accordingly.
    • Exhibitors must maintain their own insurance, as customary insurance provided by shippers is usually inadequate. Please see your shipper for additional technical details.

    International Shipments - Clearing Customs
    THE MART is available to receive freight directly at the trade show facility and will operate all drayage services in the trade show facility.

    However, pursuant to all applicable laws, THE MART is not the importer or the appointed agent of any exhibitor or tenant of a trade show. Therefore, THE MART will not provide its federal tax identification number to act as the importer of record for US customs clearance of any international shipments for exhibitors/tenants of the trade shows it manages. If you require a FEN of a consignee, we need to review your custom broker shipment paperwork for approval. Exhibitor must work directly with a customs broker to clear trade show shipments in the broker’s name or in the exhibitor’s name through a customs power of attorney form.

    Airways Freight
    Ed Andel
    [email protected]
    Tel: (630) 221-8850

    Important: These shippers/brokers are provided for your convenience only. MMPI makes absolutely no representation or warranty as to the ability, quality, or expertise of any shipper, and disclaims any liability for any loss, cost, or damage to any artwork in the care, custody, or control of any shipper.

  • Vendors and Services

    Booth Staffing
    You can request staffing by filling out the GCJ Hospitality Staffing form. It will be available here in the fall.

    Business Services/Service Desk
    The Exhibitor Service Desk, located on the 7th floor, offers business services, including photocopying and faxing. The Service Desk can also respond to questions about shipping, materials handling, and billing, and will be happy to assist you in placing orders for booth services or equipment.

    On-Site Food Options
    Artists can pre-order food items through Foodstuff's online portal. Additionally, artists receive 10% off at all cafes on the show floor.

    A number of food-service providers conveniently located within The Merchandise Mart are prepared to meet your catering requests. Please see most-used catering contacts below.

    • Foodstuffs - Full Service - Contact: Brendan Adamovic (847) 328-7710 x8504
    • Marshall's Landing - Full Service - (312) 972-4352

    Central Cashier Program
    MMPI will provide an optional Central Cashier Program at the show. This convenient and affordable service can streamline your on-site money handling at the show and can benefit you in many ways, specifically by:

    • Handling all sales transactions for you for a small fee throughout the duration of the show.
    • Filing all required state and local sales tax paperwork for you.
    • Accepting payment in the form of cash, check and/or credit card on your behalf.
    • Eliminating the risk of storing cash in your booth.
    • Providing you with daily detailed sales reports.

    All cash proceeds for sales through Saturday evening will be paid in US dollars to the exhibitor on Sunday morning before the opening of the last day of the Show. All additional payment proceeds will be paid out in a check format within fifteen business days after the close of the Show.

    Convenient Central Cashier Kiosks will be located strategically on the show floor. Your customer will supply a sales ticket to the cashier, and the cashier will finalize the sale. Once complete, the customer will supply you with a proof of purchase receipt, so they may remove their paid in full item from your booth. If you would like to participate in this service, the form will be available in the fall.

    Canadian Exhibitors
    If you are a Canadian Exhibitor, we have an FAQ form that answers most questions about traveling from Canada to the US to seel your product. This form can be viewed HERE.

    All members of THE MART staff are a team. Show Management requests that exhibitors do not offer gratuity for labor.

    Photography, Videotaping & Broadcasting
    Photographing, videotaping, filming, or sound recording of other artists is prohibited without the prior written consent of Show Management. Please get permission before recording or taking pcitures of other exhibitors, and/or their product.

    Show security will be on duty 24 hours a day from move-in to move-out, but cannot and should not be counted on to provide more than a presence to inhibit theft. To help provide for the security of merchandise in your booth, we advise you to staff your booth at all times and not to leave valuables unattended. Any exhibitor requiring special guard services may request such services with the approval of Show Management.

    THE MART Security/Jeff Caldwell
    Phone: (312) 527-7700 or Email: [email protected]

    Steamer Rental
    A limited amount of steamers are available on a first come, first serve basis at the Exhibitor Service Desk. The rental charge is $35/hour.

    Mannequin Rental

    Table Drapes/Linens
    THE MART does not provide linens for tables. You can make arrangements for table linens by contacting Mimi Pruett with Marquee Event Rental .

    Water Services
    Bottled water services can be ordered through Hinckley Springs by calling (773) 586-8600.

  • Sales Tax Info/Form

    A 10.25% sales tax must be charged on all art being sold in the State of Illinois and remaining in this State. It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to collect and remit this sales tax.

    If your work is sold in the State of Illinois, but shipped to the buyer who resides outside of Illinois, no sales tax needs to be collected. It is recommended that the exhibitor retain all shipping receipts indicating an out-of-state destination. If an out-of-state buyer purchases a work of art and takes possession of it within the State of Illinois, then sales tax must be collected.

    Sales tax charged on your work sold during One of a Kind Show must be filed with the Special Events Bureau of the Illinois Department of Revenue. The Sales Tax Form will be available here in the fall of 2024.

    IDOR-6-SETR/Special Event Tax Collection form is intended for anyone Out of State or In State that does not have a valid Illinois Business Tax Number. Any questions regarding this Sales Tax should be directed to IDOR.

    Those exhibitors who have a valid Illinois Business Tax Number should file according to the requirements set by IDOR and your company.

    Out-of-State Exhibitors
    If you participate in three or more trade shows, art fairs, etc. based in Illinois a year, you must apply for an Illinois Business Tax Number. Once you are registered, you will receive a ST-1 Form along with payment instructions. If you participate in less than three trade shows, art fairs, etc. based in Illinois a year, you must use the IDOR-6-SETR/Special Event Tax Collection form. This form will also be available on-site at the Show Office.

    You should return the completed form and sales tax monies within ten (10) days after the end of the show to:

    Illinois Department of Revenue
    Attn: Barbara Wagner
    Special Events Coordinator
    9511 Harrison Avenue
    Des Plaines, IL 60016
    Tel: (847) 294.4475
    Fax: (847) 294.4214

    **The City of Chicago has confirmed that One of a Kind is allowed to purchase the city licenses for each exhibitor at the upcoming show. This $25 fee has already been included in your account. If you previously purchased an annual license through the city, please send us a copy of this license and we will deduct the $25 fee from your account. Otherwise, no other action is needed from you regarding this license.

Ordering Portal

Order forms (for your booth set-up needs) can be filled out at the official One of a Kind Holiday Operations Services Portal. Here, you can access booth service order forms including; labor, material handling, electric service, housekeeping, and/or furniture rental. Access to the Exhibitor Services Ordeirg Portal will be available in the fall.

For questions regarding these exhibitor services/forms, please contact the Exhibitor Services Team.

Artist Amentities

  • Artist Toast

    We will be holding a pre-show celebration in the Center café on Wednesday, December 4th from 4:30-5:30pm. Join us after set-up for light bites, refreshing libations, a chance to win prizes (must be present to collect) and connect with other artists!

  • Food Ordering Portal

    Artists can pre-order food items through Foodstuff's online portal. Please note, all orders must be placed by 7pm on Wednesday, December 4th. That link will be available in the fall.

  • Booth Sitter

    If would like to reserve someone to monitor your booth while you step away, you can fill out a form that will be available here, in the fall. Booth Sitters are available for $25 an HR.

Artist Seminars/Programs

  • Artist Orientation Webinar

    THe OOAK Team hosted an Orientation Webinar on October 12th, 2023. You can view the PPT deck at the link HERE.

    You can view the Video Recording from the Webinar on our Youtube HERE.

  • Ambassador Program

    We are happy to share the launch of the One of a Kind Artist Ambassador Program. The goal of this program is to formally recognize exceptional One of a Kind returning artists who consistently support the show by encouraging other outstanding artists to participate and by being a mentor/resource for new OOAK artists. If selected, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn $100 off their booth fee for each referral who contracts with the show (referring artist must be named on the application).

    For more information on this program, please click here. Please view the updated logo here.

    To apply for this opportunity, please click here.

    To connect with an artist ambassador, please click here.

  • Patron's Choice Awards Program

    We are excited to share another year of the Artists Awards Program being offered at the 2024 Holiday show. "Patron's Choice at One of a Kind Show Chicago" is an opportunity for One of a Kind shoppers to vote on their favorite artist booth. The top 5 artists will be recognized with numerous promotional opportunities and the top 3 of those 5 will receive the following credit towards their Holiday 2025 booth.

    1st place - $1000
    2nd place - $500
    3rd place - $300


  • Online Exhibitor Profile

    Login and enhance your profile by adding images to your artist listing page on the website. Login here.

    • Username: Your username is the email address at which you received this message.
    • Password: If you are a first-time exhibitor, your password will be mmpishows. If you are a returning artist and have since changed your password, use that password.

    To begin editing your profile, click on the 'Profile' button underneath your name and complete all sections. Please note that any changes to your artist profile may take up to 24 hours to update.

  • Online Shopping Feature

    During the show, visitors to our webiste will have the ability to access your online shop. The opt-in feature will link shoppers to your e-commerce site sia your artist profile. To opt-in, please select the "Show Shopping Info" toggle in your artist profile and add your product photos and links to your artist profile. The online shopping feature went live on the first day of the show, Thursday, December 5th.

  • Complimentary Tickets

    We have post cards available this year for you to hand out during your other shows or mail directly to clients! If you would like to be mailed a pack of 100 post cards, each of which include 2 complimentary tickets to the show, please fill out this form here.

  • Fine Art Gallery

    The Fine Art Gallery offers our fine artists additional exposure in a gallery environment. Located on the show floor, this space is professionally curated, hung and lit allowing art enthusiasts a unique space to view like work. Upon acceptance, a $150 fee applies. Only one piece can be submitted per artist. The form will be available in 2024.

  • Web Banners

    Web banners will be available in the fall.

  • Shareable Social Media Graphics

    Social Media Graphics will be available in the fall.

  • Join Us On Social Media

    We encourage you to join us on our social media channels. Our hashtag is #OOAKChicago and you can find us and "Like" or "Follow" us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. Please note that if you tag something with #OOAKChicago or @ooakchicago we may repost it to our social media feed or on our website. Stay tuned for more information about our social media efforts. An updated Holiday 2024 logo can be found here.

  • Artist Facebook Group

    Our Facebook Artist Group is intended to be a resource for all Chicago One of a Kind exhibitors currently contracted for the 2024/2025 Shows. Artists and makers are encouraged to connect with one another, contribute advice as well as provide resources and tips in preparation for the show. Visit the group here.

  • Onsite Show Guide

    If you are interested in advertising in the printed One of a Kind Show Guide, please contact Performance Media at 847.770.4620 or email them at [email protected]. Artists receive a 25% discount.

  • Giveaways

    Are you interested in providing complimentary product for promotional efforts leading up to the show (social media giveaways, etc.)? If so, please reach out to Jordyn Messinger!

  • Contact

    For any Marketing questions, please contact Jordyn Messigner

Artist Newsletters

Leading up to the Show, we send monthly Artist Newsletters to our exhibitors containing important show information. The first Newsletter will be sent in August, 2024. They will be linked below.

Floor plan

The 2024 Holiday floor plan will be available in the fall.

Hotel + Directions + Parking

  • Hotel Discounts

    We've negotiated travel discounts and secured a limited number of reduced-rate hotel rooms to make your trip to Chicago affordable. Through the travel experts at onPeak, rooms at the group rates are now available on a first come, first-served basis. Book your room here.

  • Driving Directions

    222 Merchandise Mart, Chicago IL 60654

    THE MART is bordered by Wells and Orleans Streets on the east and west, and Kinzie Street and the Chicago River on the north and south. From I-90/94, exit east at Ohio Street. Turn south on Wells Street and drive four blocks to The Mart. (The Chicago River is on The Mart's south side). For customized driving directions, click here.

    For driving directions to the loading dock, please click here.