One of a Kind Show


Get to Know... Ashley Chiang of Paper Liberated

10 . 26 . 2018

Paper Liberated's Ashley Chiang manipulates colorful strips of paper turning them into intricate masterpieces.

One of a Kind:  Tell us about your work.

Ashley:  When you buy a three dimensional piece of art you are investing in the experience it brings.  It is never just one view point but many and this is true for the 3D aspects of paper quilling.  Changing light and paint tones on the wall can shift the colorful glow of light through the paper, creating a slew of visuals through the day and seasons.  

One of a Kind:  What's your process in creating each piece?

Ashley:  I start each piece with some vague ideas about where I want to go-- a color scheme and a feeling.  I select my papers and begin cutting them with a guillotine to size.  Then, unless I'm using typography (Quill-ography) which I would sketch in advance, I begin!  No sketch-- every part of the piece slowly builds on the last part and it grows until the paper tells me it's time to quit.  Each paper strip is folded, curled and coiled by hand, using no tools, and then glued in final placement with an acid-free glue pen to archival backing.  The end result is a color-full, intricate joining of paper and light play that will delight for years.

One of a Kind:  What are you bringing to the show in December?

Ashley:  I'll have one (just one!) full set of rainbow paper quilled monograms as well as an assortment of other colored monograms.  I'll also be bringing my abstract paper quilled pattern series from earlier this year as well as a large mandala series.  New this year will be a couple of variations of an alphabet poster (think rainbow nursery vibes!) and motivational prints and cards.

One of a Kind:  How did discover paper quilling?

Ashley:  I've always been an artist and believe in the artist in all of us.  I first stumbled onto my current iteration of art six years ago while perusing the internet in search of a gift for my sister.  I gave paper quilling a go and fell in love completely.  I think using such a common utilitarian item (paper) in such an intricate and surprising way adds depth and wonder to our visual experience.

One of a Kind:  Where do you find inspiration?

Ashley:  Inspiration is everyday in the books I read, people I love and places I visit.  Most often, I'm compelled to create things that nurture myself.  The phrases that I want to see more often become typography pieces.  The colors I want to bring into my life, become my abstracts.  And the people I want to pass my joy onto become my monograms.

One of a Kind:  If you weren't an artist, what would you be?

Ashley:  I'd always be an artist of some kind.  If not paper, paint.  If not paint, music.  If not music, words.

Check out more about Ashley and her work, and plan to meet her in person in December!