One of a Kind Show


Wearable Works of Art: Get to Know These One of a Kind Makers

11 . 10 . 2021

Whether you love to make a bold statement with your wardrobe or prefer to don versatile and classic pieces, there is something for you at the One of a Kind Holiday Show! We chatted with four fantastic designers about their work and what they are bringing to the upcoming show.

Isabelle Gougenheim is based in Chicago but originally from Strasbourg, France. Prior to launching her own brand, Isabelle worked for the Holly Hunt Collection, and was a partner at the Kevin Reilly Collection. Her silk scarves, inspired by street art and graffiti, will transport you to faraway places!

Describe your work:

I transform my sketches into wearable art scarves, printed on luxuriously soft silk and modal fabric. An eclectic accessory by nature, the shape of my scarves is more than meets the eye as the square-54-inch textile effortlessly ties into a belt or wraps like a headband. These scarves accentuate any outfit for any occasion!

How and why did you decide to become an artist?

Isabelle: Growing up in France, you have to choose at an early age what you want to study in high school. At the age of 15, I chose Art. I have been practicing Art since then.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Isabelle: I spend lots of time walking on the street of Chicago discovering new neighborhoods every Sunday. I like to employ the world as my muse. I am inspired by the soul of the city streets from my travels.

Baltimore-based jewelry artist Rebecca Myers blends time honored techniques to produce refined, chic and feminine designs. Her pieces embrace the materials and artistry of fine crafted jewelry, but also capture a contrast in materials and the dichotomy of darkness and light inherent in nature.

Describe your work.

Rebecca: With my work I try to convey the complexity of the natural patterns and forms in nature that inspire awe in all of us. Layered metals, patinas and stones are used to produce animal prints and natural forms in jewelry pieces that are stylish, wearable and remarkable.

Apart from jewelry design, what do you enjoy?

Rebecca: I am an avid participant in the culture of the creative. Theatre, music, performance, comedy and art are my favorite things to indulge in.

What is the best gift you ever received?

Rebecca: The gift of trading between artists is one I have indulged in over the years. I particularly love my Mark Chatterly Sculptures. So moody and they know how important they are to my interior.

Yellowcake Shop is the signature line of women's clothing designed and crafted by artist and Project Runway alumna, Valerie Mayen. Valerie's aim is to produce high-quality pieces that provide value for the wearer and a better life for all who work alongside us.

Describe your work.

Valerie: All Yellowcake garments and accessories are handmade in the United States with a keen attention to detail, superior construction, and timeless design. Every purchase made supports Yellowcake's larger mission to alleviate social issues and environmental challenges here and abroad.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Valerie: Yellowcake Shop is a minority Latin American-owned company with the majority of the staff and sewers being women and minorities. Our company has always prided itself in its responsible way of supporting the fashion industry. However, our mission is not only focused on providing clients with ethically made garments and helping the planet heal. We also aim to support our community of sewers. Aside from paying them well above the industry average, we also provide them with equipment if they do not have any available to start.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Valerie: The Yellowcake team works very hard to maintain the best of quality and honesty in the products we make, the culture we promote, and the experience we provide to our patrons. Our goal is to bring greater awareness to the art of ethically crafted slow fashion and American handmade small batch production. Our processes help sustain a healthier planet by saving our clients money on cost per wear. Yellowcake Shop's clothing collections, which are well constructed and simple to fit, provide women with more assured products that they can use for years.

Larissa Loden skillfully blends innovative and traditional techniques to transform hand-drawn designs into handmade jewelry fit for badasses. This modern-day alchemy includes lasering her own acrylic pieces, cutting designs into metal, wire wrapping, stamping, soldering, and stringing. Every Larissa Loden piece is Midwest-made with care and swears.

Describe your work.

Larissa: We’re crafting unique artist-designed pieces at affordable prices, small business warm fuzzies included. Whether you’re headed to a concert, the conference room, or the couch, we’ve got the perfect handmade piece to help you be your most bold, brave, radiant, perfectly imperfect, forward-thinking self.

How and why did you decide to become an artist?

Larissa: I have always loved creating things and was definitely the art kid at school. When my high school art teacher gifted me a beaded necklace for graduation, something clicked for me. Up until that point I thought jewelry came from Claire's. Then I realized you could make your own jewelry. The rest is history, folks.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Larissa: Living life, it can honestly be the smallest thing that I notice-like the way a puddle of water looks on the ground--and that can inspire a new shape in my designs. Inspiration truly comes from all over.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Larissa: I'm so pumped to be back in person! I love getting to see all of our amazing customers.

Say hello to these fabulous makers and more in the Fashion District at the One of a Kind Holiday Show!