03 . 08 . 2018

Cheers to all the terrific women around the world

International Women's Day honors the economic, political & social achievements of women. On this day all over the world, women will be participating in marches, rallies, conferences, networking events, and online discussions to reflect on the advancements that have been made over time, as well as steps that can be taken in order to continue to promote gender equality. Here is the work... Read More

02 . 23 . 2018

3 Days. 300 Makers. One of a Kind.

As the chilly days slowly disappear (hopefully), we're are dreaming of Spring and Summer and a lot more sunshine. While the weather is warming up, our One of a Kind Spring makers are busy preparing for the 3rd annual Spring show at The Mart. Save the date (and money) for countless finds during the 3-day show, April 27-29. Check out our Artist page to see some new artists and... Read More

11 . 30 . 2017

Naughty or nice?

Are you getting a visit from Santa this year? We asked our artists what on their holiday list... "Sleep, Dan Brown's new book, and toe socks." -Mick Whitcomb, Artifacts by Nomad "Peace on earth. For something more tangible: a new electric bicycle! (I already have one.)" -Audrey Jung, AudreyModern "A vacation. Somewhere warm!" -Jenn Wanless-Craig, Artech Studios "A... Read More

11 . 23 . 2017

Holiday Memories

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope that you spend this day, and days to come with your loved ones, making memories. We asked our One of a Kind Holiday artists what their favorite holiday memories are, and they remind us what is really important in life. "It's more of a tapestry of memories that hinge on smells of pastries, cinnamon oranges, pine and wrapping paper. Memories... Read More

11 . 20 . 2017

Get to Know... Heather Holiday

Artist Heather Holiday is a first time artist at the One of a Kind Show. She will be bringing baby booties and a selection of boots and bags, as well as beautiful custom-boot gift boxes. One of a Kind: Tell us more about your work. Heather: In a world of mass production, mass consumption, and reckless disposability, we seek something more enduring and more personal in... Read More

11 . 17 . 2017

The Best Gifts in Life Are... FREE!

What are you wishing for most this holiday season? Some of our Holiday show artists share what's at the top of their lists. Do you notice the theme? "Peace on earth. (For something more tangible... a new electric bicycle!)" -Audrey Yung, Audrey Modern "An uninterrupted sunny day at the beach, with my toes in the sand." -Krista Tripkovski,... Read More

11 . 06 . 2017

Get to Know... Tara Locklear

Inspired by urban landscapes, Tara Locklear uses industrial and re-purposed materials to create a visual conversation in the form of jewelry. One of a Kind: Tell us more about your work. Tara: My PopRoxx Collection, a response to our material social culture, is comprised of recycled, broken skateboards and hand fabricated sterling silver components. Each... Read More

10 . 30 . 2017

Get to Know... Steve Christena

Arc Academy produces modern metal work focused on Midwest iconography and industrial roots. One of a Kind: Describe your work. Steve: Our furniture and home decor incorporates accented hardwoods and a wide variety of patina-ed metals utilizing acid flash rusting to chemical colorization. Although they appear to be similar, each piece is custom made with an... Read More

10 . 20 . 2017

Get to Know... Mick Whitcomb

Fixated on the American machine age and the advent of electric lighting, new One of a Kind Show artist Mick Whitcomb converts 19th Century machines and scientific instruments into utilitarian art. One of a Kind: Tell us more about your work. Mick: The artifacts that my pieces are built from showcase the origins of industry that modern culture is based off of. Each... Read More

10 . 16 . 2017

Get to Know... Whitney Sharpe

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Whitney Sharpe of The Latch Key handcrafts sculpturally influenced ceramic jewelry and home decor. One of a Kind: Describe your work. Whitney: Every piece of ceramic jewelry and home decor is lovingly made individually and finished with specially formulated glazes. One of a Kind: How did you get... Read More