One of a Kind Show


Get to Know... Moriah Okun

04 . 13 . 2018

One of a Kind: Describe your work.

Moriah: My pieces are wonky, quirky, detailed, textural and tiny. I make tubes, birdhouses, planters, vessels, wall hangings and more. From far away they appear to many as ceramics; walk up closer and realize the shapes and colors were a result of extremely dense zig-zag stitching. I coil and stitch rope together on a heavy duty sewing machine using only cord (cotton or jute) and sewing thread. I learned this technique while taking a workshop by the amazing Doug Johnston, and I have been making baskets ever since.

One of a Kind: What are you bringing to the Spring Show?

Moriah: My work is 100% One of a Kind. no two pieces are the same (nor do I ever intend them to be). I am bringing a new voice to basketry and textiles. I not only make functional vessels, but wonky sculptural ones as well.

I have three cats and they try out each basket they can squeeze into. They don't hide their opinions whatsoever. They are my number one fans and assistants.

One of a Kind: What are some of your favorite things to do in Chicago?

Moriah: Turtle racing at Bog Joe's, karaoke at Sidekick's, rollerblading on the lakefront and eating tacos!

One of a Kind: What is your favorite restaurant in Chicago? 

Moriah: Bad Hunter. The veggie burger tastes better than meat! (And I'm not even a vegetarian.)

One of a Kind: Have you ever made anything that you couldn't part with? If yes, what and why?

Moriah: Yes! I made a 7ft long fuzzy and skinny hollow tube that hung from the ceiling. I had no intention of selling it because I priced it so much higher than my other pieces, but one woman came back throughout the whole day, touching it nonstop. I could tell she loved it (ALMOST) as much as I did, so I eventually made the sale. I think it was so hard for me to part with it because I never took good photos of it, so I never saw the piece again. I definitely learned my lesson.

Meet Moriah Okun at Spring show's Emerging Market.