One of a Kind Show


Naughty or nice?

11 . 30 . 2017

Are you getting a visit from Santa this year? We asked our artists what on their holiday list...

"Sleep, Dan Brown's new book, and toe socks." -Mick Whitcomb, Artifacts by Nomad

"Peace on earth. For something more tangible: a new electric bicycle! (I already have one.)" -Audrey Jung, AudreyModern

"A vacation. Somewhere warm!" -Jenn Wanless-Craig, Artech Studios

"A long winter's nap." -Krissy Callahan, Earth Cadets

"An annual membership to our local yoga spot!" -Heather Holiday, Mason Dixie Made

"Snow! Time with family and maybe a new gnome to add to the collection. Always need new models." -Morgan Jones, Morgan Jones Art