One of a Kind Show


Cheers to all the terrific women around the world

03 . 08 . 2018

International Women's Day honors the economic, political & social achievements of women. On this day all over the world, women will be participating in marches, rallies, conferences, networking events, and online discussions to reflect on the advancements that have been made over time, as well as steps that can be taken in order to continue to promote gender equality.

Here is the work of just a few powerful women artists at this year's Spring show!

Karina Llergo, 2D Artist

"I started painting as a child and my fascination with painting and the human form is reflected in my childhood drawings. I excelled in art classes and it was evident from an early age that I needed to paint, spending endless moments with my colors and papers. It wasn’t until high school, however, that my drawings of the human figure started having an impact, and began winning awards. It was this success that guided me to pursue a course of study related to art." Karina Llergo

Valerie Mayen, Yellowcake Shop

"I became an artist when I was very young (though I was learning on my own through trial & error). I began drawing at the age of 5. It was one of few things I excelled at and took great joy in. I spent hours with my nose buried in my drawings, my fingers ruddied with ink. As I grew older, my drawings turned to fabric and the fabric transformed into functional garments." Valerie Mayen, Yellowcake Shop

Meg Oliver and Lucie Piedra, l&m studio

"We opened our studio in  September, 2011 to design and make sleek, modern, handmade items for the home and garden.  Our designs begin with the function of each piece in mind." Meg Oliver and Lucie Piedra, l&m studio

Rebel Nell 

"Our mission is to employ disadvantaged women in Detroit, to educate them on financial management, life wellness and business, and to empower them to successfully transition to an independent life." Rebel Nell