One of a Kind Show

Painting 2-D

Magdalena Gallery of Art

  • Booth 6061
I find myself deeply inspired by the intricate movements and details found in nature, which serve as the foundation for my artwork. Utilizing a unique combination of oil paints, cold wax, and alkyd resin-based Painting Butter, I am able to achieve a rich impasto effect that breathes life into my creations. My artistic process involves carefully layering and blending colors found adjacent to one another in nature, resulting in captivating concentrations of hues that effortlessly flow across the canvas. Soft edges contribute to the seamless transition between elements, giving my work an ethereal quality that transports viewers to the heart of the scene. A central aspect of my art is the portrayal of movement, whether it be the gentle undulation of water, the subtle dance of air currents, or the fleeting details found in natural scenes. I dedicate time to studying these transient phenomena, enabling me to infuse my paintings with energy and vitality that reflect the ever-changing beauty of the natural world.
Magdalena Gallery of Art Magdalena Gallery of Art
Magdalena Gallery of Art

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