• Barb Beckman Art Glass

  • I combine sheet glass, glass paint and glass frits to literally paint my scenes with glass. Each glass tile painting is fired numerous times at different temperatures to achieve the variety of textures as well as a sense of depth in each piece. The tiles are then floated in front of a mirror which multiplies the image and backlights the piece in a subtle way.
  • Libertyville , Illinois
  • Glass

My early interest in art with depth and dimension as well as a passion for the study of light and shadow, influenced me to pursue an architectural career. For the past 20 years I have found glass to be the perfect medium to express my passion due to its capacity to portray depth, its reflective qualities and the vibrancy of its color. Landscapes, especially trees, interest me as peaceful and relaxing subjects as both embody an inner strength and adaptability to change that I find inspiring.

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