One of a Kind Show


04 . 23 . 2018

Get to Know… Valerie Mayen

One of a Kind: When and why did you decide to become an artist? Valerie: I began drawing at the age of 5. It was one of few things I excelled at and took great joy in. I spent hours with my nose buried in my drawings, my fingers ruddied with ink. As I grew older, my drawings turned to fabric and the fabric transformed into functional garments. Some people say a certain life or… Read More

04 . 20 . 2018

Get to Know… Nikita Knight

One of a Kind: Describe your work. Nikita: I create large format abstract painting (up to 96 inches), oil on canvas, although I use acrylics for my composite and carbon fiber sculpture. I am inspired by life and work of Gerhard Richter, but I developed my own technique, constantly striving to elevate a technical complexity and create new 3D effects, mashing up and colliding the… Read More

04 . 18 . 2018

Emerging Market = Fresh Talent

Next week's One of a Kind Spring Show will present more than 30 emerging makers and designers. Their categories range anywhere from jewelry to furniture. It is a great opportunity to meet artists new to One of a Kind and many of them new to shows altogether. All of these artists are rising stars in the maker community and this is your chance to buy from them and be a trendsetter! Check out… Read More

04 . 13 . 2018

Get to Know… Moriah Okun

One of a Kind: Describe your work. Moriah: My pieces are wonky, quirky, detailed, textural and tiny. I make tubes, birdhouses, planters, vessels, wall hangings and more. From far away they appear to many as ceramics; walk up closer and realize the shapes and colors were a result of extremely dense zig-zag stitching. I coil and stitch rope together on a heavy duty sewing machine using only… Read More

04 . 03 . 2018

Get to Know… Andrew Huff

One of a Kind: Describe your work. Andrew: I make real wood inlayed longboards, paddle boards, and wakesurf boards. I use a combination of different woods to create my designs. I specialize in reclaimed and recycled lumber which means each board is different and unique. My boards are functional pieces of art. They ride and perform just as good as they look. One of a Kind: When and why… Read More

03 . 22 . 2018

Get to Know… Lucie Piedra + Meg Oliver

While both are graduates of the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Lucie, a sculptor, and Meg, a functional potter, met as resident artists at the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony in 2001. In September 2011, they opened l&m studio. One of a Kind: Describe your work.  Lucie and Meg: We make colorful, modern, items for the home and garden. All of our work is highly… Read More

03 . 19 . 2018

Get to Know… Trace Mayer

After getting his physics degree at Georgetown University, Trace Mayer spent 25 years dealing art and antiques. He began recycling the remnants of antique picture frames from his shop and started creating Museum Bees. One of a Kind: Tell us more about your work. Trace: I create short stories. They happen to look like small botanical wall hangings, but they all have stories. Each is… Read More

03 . 08 . 2018

Cheers to all the terrific women around the world

International Women's Day honors the economic, political & social achievements of women. On this day all over the world, women will be participating in marches, rallies, conferences, networking events, and online discussions to reflect on the advancements that have been made over time, as well as steps that can be taken in order to continue to promote gender equality. Here is the work of… Read More

02 . 23 . 2018

3 Days. 300 Makers. One of a Kind.

As the chilly days slowly disappear (hopefully), we're are dreaming of Spring and Summer and a lot more sunshine. While the weather is warming up, our One of a Kind Spring makers are busy preparing for the 3rd annual Spring show at The Mart. Save the date (and money) for countless finds during the 3-day show, April 27-29.  Check out our Artist page to see some new artists and… Read More

11 . 30 . 2017

Naughty or nice?

Are you getting a visit from Santa this year? We asked our artists what on their holiday list... "Sleep, Dan Brown's new book, and toe socks." -Mick Whitcomb, Artifacts by Nomad "Peace on earth. For something more tangible: a new electric bicycle! (I already have one.)" -Audrey Jung, AudreyModern "A vacation. Somewhere warm!" -Jenn Wanless-Craig, Artech Studios "A long… Read More