One of a Kind Show


Handcrafted for Hearth and Home: Get to Know These One of a Kind Makers

03 . 25 . 2022

There's no place like home! We caught up with four artists specializing in handcrafted home goods who will be exhibiting at the One of a Kind Spring Show about their unique work, what led them to a life in the arts, and more.

Chicago-based ceramicist Laura Novy slip-casts items in low fire clay, often adding additional texture and color with a variety of glazes and materials.

Tell us about your art practice.

Laura: I slip-cast everyday day objects, known more for their utility than beauty, and repurpose them into something decorative, elegant, and beautiful. I find inspiration in everyday vintage items, like tools, paintbrushes, and bowls.

What led you to become an artist?
I have been making art since I was a little girl. I didn't so much choose to be an artist, as making art was just something I was always drawn to. I simply can't imagine not being an artist.

What handcrafted possession do you most cherish?

Laura: We commissioned an artist recently to make four ceramic pillows to hang in our home. Each of us laid our head down on one leaving a delicate imprint, so each pillow is like a portrait of a member of our family.

Are there any pieces in particular that you are excited to bring to the Show?

Laura: My vases, which are casted from bubble wrap. I love the texture, and how each piece is slightly different.

Adam Borut, the maker behind Design2Rave, is passionate about the intersection of form and function. From his home storage solutions, to game sets, Adam's work adds practicality, beauty, and fun to the home.

Describe your work.

Adam: I primarily make products that provide storage, access and display of items frequently used in the home. These include sunglass racks, jewelry organizers, and sliding spice racks.

What led you to your craft?

Adam: All of my life I have designed and built items for my own home. I began making sunglass racks to store my own collection of sunglasses. Friends started asking for them, and I began offering them for sale. At the onset of the pandemic I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to my true passion and Design2Rave was born.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Adam: I am inspired by practical needs, combined with a passion for style, dance, cooking and community. My Chinoiserie collection of sunglass racks and jewelry organizers was inspired by an antique Chinese window that I obtained when living in China. My dancer collection was inspired by my love of dance and trees. The Art Deco collection and Medusa collection were inspired by, well, Art Deco and Medusa.

What are you especially excited to bring to the Spring Show?

Adam: This will be the first show where I will display my full range of products. I am particularly excited about my sliding spice racks, wall mounted sunglass racks and jewelry organizers, and my brand new acrylic Four-in-A-Row games.

Birdie McBride and her husband Fred comb the shores of Lake Superior Drift Co, sourcing driftwood from which they create beautiful adornments for the home, including wall art, mosaics, mobiles and more.

Tell us more about your work.

Birdie: My work is a celebration of the natural world. Each piece is created with driftwood, stone, and other objects my husband and I have found on the shores of Lake Superior. The collection has manifested itself in the form of wall art, mosaics, and hanging mobiles. Some pieces are natural and accented with organic substances such as moss, stone, or sand, while others are juxtaposed with paint, gold leaf, and sometimes even glitter. Each piece is as unique as the driftwood it is created with.

What led you to the arts?

Birdie: The only thing I’ve ever been certain about is that I am happiest when I’m creating beautiful things. I graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 2008 and struggled to find a job, like so many others at that time. So, I took a temporary position at my grandmother’s cafe. Fifteen years later, a pandemic shut down the industry and I actually had time to create. Lake Superior Drift Co is the result. It took a pandemic for me to find my way back to my true calling.

Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

Birdie: A tree lives an entire lifetime, longer than we ever will, and eventually, it falls into the water. There it tumbles aimlessly for decades, centuries, and even millennia. I have found a deep reverence for the quiet history in each piece of driftwood we pull from the shores of Lake Superior. I hope to honor them by creating with them.

What handmade possession is most special to you?

Birdie: When my younger sister was 12, I took her to a pottery class with me - I’m 12 years older than her. She made a vase that she didn’t like, but it is my favorite thing in the world and has a very special place in my home.

Reggie Nelson of Daily Burn Candle Studio handcrafts vegan, soy-based candles in an array of delightful scents and poured into reusable glass vessels.

Tell us about Daily Burn Candle Studio.

Reggie: We are a black-owned small business operating in North Central Florida. We create vegan, soy candles. Each candle is hand-poured and hand-labeled - completely handmade from start to finish. Our candles are also safe for the environment - we strive to ensure that our product is completely recyclable, and biodegradable.

What led you to start creating your candles?

Reggie: Every year for the holidays my wife would buy a case of 12 candles. One day, she asked "Why don't we just make our own?" That's how Daily Burn Candle Studio was born!

What inspires your creativity?

Reggie: My inspiration comes from my love of music and my family. This business belongs to me and my wife. I am the creator - the front line and face of the brand, while my wife does everything required for this business behind the scenes. She and our two children are my true inspiration.

Looking for something truly unique to add to your space or give as a gift? Don't miss these makers and more at the Spring Show!