One of a Kind Show


Comfort and Joy: Get to know these One of a Kind makers

12 . 02 . 2019

This week's One of a Kind Show is an ideal place to find that perfect item of clothing to keep you (or someone on your gift list) warm and cozy, and looking great all winter long. We spoke to three talented apparel designers and got a sneak peek of what they will be bringing to the show.

After attending Parsons School of Design in NYC and Paris, where she won the Student Designer of the Year Award, artist Nicole Alfieri spent several years working around the globe. Learning to knit on a handloom, she was captivated by the natural spontaneity of patterns that strands of yarn produce as they move through the handloom during the knitting process.

Describe your work.

Nicole: I design women's knitwear made from organic yarns. Everything is hand-loomed in the USA in small batches, one at a time. Each piece is designed and cut in a unique way to be edgy and chic while flattering the figure. I love playing with color and texture and really enjoy what I do!

What are you bringing to the show next week?

Nicole: I am bringing styles mostly for fall/winter. There are some new styles where I have added shibori dye and other textural hand-worked techniques. I'm excited to bring them to the show.

What does handmade mean to you?

Nicole: Besides the obvious, handmade to me means a slowing down, focusing, taking care and taking time to create something that is rare and special in today's world.

Nickichicki is all about color, style, and most importantly - FUN! Designer Nicole Brown taught herself to knit through various resources and found an immediate passion in the craft.

How did Nickichicki get started?

Nicole: I found a passion for knitting and never wanted to stop. I reached a point where my own family had all the knitwear they needed, and decided it was time to start selling what I made. Through it, I have found great fulfillment being able to do what I love as a full-time career.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Nicole: I've been a long-time lover of fashion, and have always wanted to participate in that world. Naturally, learning to sew clothes was the first thing that came to my mind, but I never really enjoyed it. My passion for knitting has given me a way to be a part of the fashion industry in a way that I love!

What are you bringing to upcoming show?

Nicole: This year I will be bringing many hand-knit hats, scarves, cowls, along with our cardigans and pullover sweaters in many fun colors!

Designer Tessa Druley of Tessa Louise sketches out ideas and considers the functionality of each piece - how it can transform individually and how it pairs with other items. Every idea is then draped and patterned using a dress form, and sampled to fine-tune the silhouette.

Why did you decide to design clothing?

Tessa: I have always enjoyed the creative process and experimenting with many different art forms. What it boils down to for me, is innovation. I find clothing to be such an interesting medium because of all the elements involved. It needs to be flattering, utilitarian, machine washable, the right balance of inventive and wearable.

Tell us about your work.

Tessa: Tessa Louise items are designed for women that want more mileage out of their closet. One of my favorite functions in clothing is versatility. I enjoy the challenge of designing for multiple ways to wear each item. I believe that offering the wearer the liberty to adjust a piece based on personal style or outfit pairing is an exciting, unique element to any Tessa Louise design. Additionally, I focus on knit fabrics. Narrowing the focus of textiles allows me to keep fabric costs and waste low.

Meet these makers in December and many more who will keep you warm and cozy all winter long.