One of a Kind Show


Deck the Walls: Get to know these One of a Kind makers

11 . 22 . 2019

This year's Holiday Show will feature close to 100 painters, printmakers, illustrators, photographers, and multimedia artists who create one of a kind pieces that can help make a home truly unique. We asked four of them a few questions to get to know them a little better before we meet them in person in December.

Adrianne Hawthorne

Ponnopozz is named after two imaginary friends, Ponno and Pozzer, that artist Adrianne Hawthorne had as a child. The name is a daily reminder of the unbridled creativity of childhood that she continues to nurture through the act of painting and drawing.

Describe your work.

Adrianne: I create wild, colorful abstract paintings that are maximalist in nature. They are often of plants, landscapes or abstract shapes or patterns.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Adrianne: From color. I have always been a creative person and enjoyed the task of selecting crayon colors as a kid. Now, I see wild color palettes in my head and I translate those palettes into funky patterns or paintings of foliage.

What are you bringing to the upcoming Holiday Show?

Adrianne: Art prints in various sizes (8x10, 11x14 and perhaps a few posters), original acrylic paintings, phone cases for iPhone and Samsung (although they have to be ordered), stickers, fabric examples. I might even bring some apparel pieces!

Catherine Mcmillan

New to the show, artist Catherine McMillian is bringing 900 (or more) donuts to the 2019 One of a Kind Holiday Show!

Describe your work.

Catherine: I create whimsical donuts and put them on walls. Each piece is made of stoneware or porcelain on the potter’s wheel and decorated with hand-made porcelain icing and sprinkles. The donuts are made entirely by me from start to finish. They are fired twice and free of post-fire modifications.

How and why did you decide to become an artist?

Catherine: I believe that the activities we are naturally drawn to as children hold the answer to what we should do as adults. While I have not always done art as a career, I have always done art and I am lucky enough to be at the point in my life where I can afford to have an unstable income despite working tirelessly at something I love doing.

Kim Knoll

Chicago artist Kim Knoll makes abstract paintings on paper that are inspired by nature and influenced by minimalism.

Tell us more about your work.

Kim: My aesthetic with painting is heavily influenced by my background in graphic design, almost like I combine the two worlds to create something unique on paper. I always use watercolor with each artwork, but will also incorporate India ink, acrylic or graphite to create a variety of textures and expressions.

How did you decide to become an artist?

Kim: I’ve always been interested in art since I was able to pick up a crayon. I graduated with a graphic design degree but have always done personal projects with other art forms like ceramics and jewelry. My paintings evolved out of a graphic design project in 2016, where I explored using watercolors as background textures for a new client. I fell in love with the medium and started trying things that I found interesting. I slowly formed a style over time and it continues to evolve today.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Kim: My inspiration comes from memories and moments from my time spent in nature exploring lakes, mountains, forests and coastlines through hiking and camping. I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in, in an interesting way. There’s a story behind each painting that’s personal to me. When I look at them, it brings me back to those moments, but anyone else wouldn’t know what that story is. Because my paintings are abstract, I love that people can sometimes see the inspiration, but they are able to create their own stories when looking at them.

What will you be bringing to the show?

Kim: I’m bringing a bunch of prints in different sizes, a handful of framed original paintings and a holiday card (inspired by pine trees and holiday lights) that combines a watercolor painting with gold foil stamping that’s available in boxed sets of 8. I can’t wait!

Stephanie Cheng

Stephanie Cheng's work is mostly inspired by the human form, exploring strong colors and negative space. This is her first time exhibiting at the One of a Kind Show.

Tell us about your work.

Stephanie: I am a freelance designer, illustrator and screen printer. Over the years I have worked on band posters for Goldenvoice and Live Nation, among others. Illustrating and hand printing my original artworks for bands such as Radiohead, Janelle Monae and Childish Gambino to name a few.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Stephanie: Vintage advertisement posters from the 30's-50's, popular culture and the human shape and form.

Apart from creating prints and wall textiles, what do you do?

Stephanie: I play rec hockey, and am in 3 different women's leagues.

Meet these talented makers (and many more!) at the upcoming Holiday Show.