One of a Kind Show


Dynamic Duos: Get to Know These One of a Kind Makers

10 . 20 . 2022

Birds of a feather create together! We talked with four unique maker duos who will be exhibiting at the upcoming One of a Kind Holiday Show.

Jenny Anderson knots macramé pieces by hand. Her husband, Grant crafts premium leather goods. In 2020 the Brownsburg, Indiana couple joined forces to start Uptown Common and make goods meant to last a lifetime.

Tell us about your work.

Jenny: I hand knot macramé with cord that is 100% cotton. This helps me produce really nice, sharp knots that allow my pieces to hang well. Grant makes his own leather products, and has built relationships with great suppliers and learned the time-honored techniques used to craft leather goods.

What inspired you and Grant to start Uptown Common?

Jenny: We really love all things vintage and things that are minimal. We wanted to create things that are timeless, useful, functional, and beautiful to look at.

What are especially excited to bring to the show?

Jenny: Grant is working on some new wallet designs and I will have brand new macramé wall shelves!

Is there anything you're hoping to see or purchase at the Holiday Show this year?

Jenny: Grant collects handmade mugs and I love stained glass (especially stained glass plants!) and watercolor art. We look forward to shopping from our fellow makers!

Early in their relationship, Ryan Rezvani and Stephanie Andrews spoke about their shared love for bitters. The relationship didn’t last, but they found that they were very compatible in creating flavors and recipes. Although they aren’t actually “bitter”, they loved the idea of creating a playful product around their story.

Tell us about bitters.

Ryan: Bitters are extracts, not unlike vanilla or almond extract, but more complex. Dashing in unique flavors really can elevate your home cocktailing game. Bitters can also be used for cooking or baking, bringing exciting elements to your favorite dish or baked goods.

When you're not working, how do you spend your free time?

Ryan: I work at a cocktail bar on the north side of Chicago called the Longroom, creating new cocktails for the ever-rotating cocktail menu. When I’m not working on flavors, I play bass guitar in a local band and play third base on a softball team. Stephanie is a travel writer. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time as a stunt performer.

What are you excited to see at the show this year?

Ryan: Some personal favorites are Soap Distillery (give me Negroni soap all day long); Lemaster Family Kitchen’s brilliant spice blends. I also love Natalie Santoro’s ceramics and all the sweet confections from XO Marshmallow, Katherine Anne Confections, and Nikki Darling Confections.

Husband and wife, Dennis and Christina Jacobs are the duo behind Arsenal Handicraft. They create hand-pulled screen prints and illustrations meant to tell a story and take viewers on a journey through space and nature.

What led you to become an artist or maker?

Dennis: We have always been creative but did not consider being artists professionally until after we graduated college. The first thing we ever screen-printed was our wedding invitations. From there it grew into a hobby and is now a career.

Where do you find the inspiration behind your art?

Dennis: We spend quite a bit of time outside exploring. We draw most of our inspiration from our experiences in Northern Michigan and the Pacific Northwest.

When you're not working on your art, how do you spend your free time?

Dennis: In addition to being outdoors, we both play ice hockey! I’m a goalie and Christina is a winger.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?

Dennis: I have miniature duck decoys that were hand carved by my great-grandfather. They sit above my desk.

Run by wife and husband team, Allie and Güven Arpaci, Together Textiles is a line of sustainably-made Turkish towels and extra soft robes using traditional weaving techniques passed down from four generations.

What led you to start Together Textiles?

Allie: Güven comes from a line of makers and entrepreneurs, and I grew up attending markets always dreaming about how I could join the maker world. After a few years of being married and attending markets together, Together Textiles was born as an American extension of the family business.

What inspires your work?

Allie: Our lives are very global, having one foot in America and one in Europe and Asia for part of the year. Architecture, colors, and fashion are all major inspirations for us.

What are you especially excited to bring to the Holiday Show this year?

Allie: We have a special release robe that will be a One of a Kind Holiday exclusive! The Stone Robe is perfect for the midwesterner who needs to keep warm. It is Solid grey, with a tiny waffle texture, and tumble washed with stones to achieve a cool, worn patina.

What are you excited to see at the show?

Allie: The ceramics are always my favorite to explore. I always see new innovative shapes and colors that inspire me as a fellow maker!

Stop by and say hello to these creative duos and more at the show!