One of a Kind Show


Holiday Memories

11 . 23 . 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope that you spend this day, and days to come with your loved ones, making memories. We asked our One of a Kind Holiday artists what their favorite holiday memories are, and they remind us what is really important in life. 

"It's more of a tapestry of memories that hinge on smells of pastries, cinnamon oranges, pine and wrapping paper. Memories of multicolored lights of amazement and a heavy feeling of anticipation for that morning. Being with my parents, brother and sister as we all participated in the absolute gift of that moment in time." -Steve Christena, Arc Academy

"My parents sent my sister and I on a scavenger hunt for a gift on Christmas day all over the neighborhood in our pajamas and with bad hair. What did we get? A Honda scooter!" -Amanda Bennett, Bennett Art

"My family, I'm the oldest of six, would always line up at the top of the stairs Christmas morning. One by one we'd be allowed down to see if Santa arrived. We continue the tradition to this day." -Krissy Callahan, Earth Cadets

"For me, looking back in time, it's the years and memories that blend and a feeling that survives. The amalgamation of those shared experiences, and time spent with my family is what rings most clearly. We spent many great holidays together and formed tradition and bonds that will continue to be handed down for generations." -Joseph La Macchia, La Macchia Design Group

"Seeing Santa stuck in the chimney." -Karen Maugans, Karen Maugans Gallery

"Always being with my family and extended family and Grandma and Grandpas! We have such a big family so the lively noise, paper ripping from the little ones because they were the only ones who got gifts. We all agreed it was for them :) AND the home cooked food. My Grandma and aunts and uncles cooked for over 35 people that came in and out throughout the day. There was just so much love in the room." -Tara Locklear, Tara Locklear Jewelry