One of a Kind Show


Get to Know... Wendi Winkler of Urban Chemist

04 . 22 . 2019

The idea behind Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer came from owner Wendi Winkler, a chemist, who developed the product while working as a bartender in Wisconsin.

One of a Kind: What is Fast Mary's Bloody Mary enhancer?

Wendi: It's a dill-inspired, craft blend of seasonings that are enjoyed in a Bloody Mary. Fast Mary's contains no MSG, it is gluten-free and naturally-vegan. It's a versatile beverage enhancer that can be used in a variety of tasty cocktail classics and is a must-have for a great home bar. I'll be bringing Fast Mary's Bloody Mary Enhancer Mild Bangin' Blend and Hot & Bothered Blends to the show.

One of a Kind: When and why did you decide to start making Bloody Mary enhancers?

Wendi: I bartended through college and during this time is when the concept was born. Ten people deep on a given Saturday or Sunday morning, everyone wanted a Bloody Mary. It was time-consuming as the only bartender on shift, so I developed a concoction of spices that I would simply add to tomato juice and vodka. It was well-received. For the next decade or so, I worked on perfecting the recipe. I formed Urban Chemist LLC in 2013 and began selling Fast Mary’s in 2015. We have a hot and a mild blend available, and more flavors and new products in the works. I took the leap in early 2017 to quit my cozy corporate job and do Fast Mary’s full-time. Urban Chemist LLC became LGBTE-certified and WBENC-certified in late 2016.

One of a Kind: Who inspires you?

Wendi: Any woman entrepreneur who believes in their work and is driven by their passion.

One of a Kind: What is favorite part of doing what you do?

Wendi: Meeting new friends and fans of Fast Mary's!!

One of a Kind: What's your favorite Spring activity?

Wendi: I love to golf and do anything outdoors after a long Minnesota winter.

One of a Kind: What are some of your favorite things to do in Chicago?

Wendi: Eat and drink and shop. Chicago is such a fun city!

Stop by Wendi's booth at this week's show and sample some of her Bloody Mary enhancers!