Get to Know... Nancy and Andy Witt of Circa Ceramics

04 . 10 . 2016

One of a Kind:  Describe your work.

Nancy and Andy:  We operate a 2-person small batch production pottery studio in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor of Chicago.  Our work is heavily influenced by pop culture, old-school diner service ware and what we like to call a world palette of color.  There's very little we won't try--but we always make sure we put our best out.  That means it's been tested and can go out into the world to fulfill its duty!

Circa Ceramics

One of a Kind:  What are you bringing to the Spring Show?

Nancy and Andy:  We're known for our 12 oz cup, we will bring plenty of those!  Along with them, we'll bring our bowls, tiles, cylinder vases.  We try to hit the lowest price point ($8 magnet) to a slightly higher one ($200 for a mixing bowl set).  Something for even the nit-pickiest.

One of a Kind:  What inspires you?

Nancy and Andy:  This is always an odd and awkward questions because as artists EVERYTHING is inspiration!  You are never not on--looking, checking things out, feeling textures, homing in on an idea while on the move then jotting it down quickly--it's exhilarating!  But if we had to point out one thing quickly that inspires us now--for me (Nancy) I'd say Oliver, our son, (I'm on robots, animals and foods with faces if that gives you an idea!) and Andy is fueled by Make: and Instructables posts.

Circa Ceramics

One of a Kind:  If you weren't artists what would you be?

Nancy and Andy:  A psychotherapist (Nancy). A heavy machine operator (Andy).

One of a Kind:  What makes you happy?

Nancy and Andy:  A good day had by all!

One of a Kind:  What makes you mad?

Nancy and Andy:  Let's keep this light and not answer this one :).

One of a Kind:  Who's your favorite person/creature?

Nancy and Andy:  We both say our boy Ollie--he's awesome!

Circa Ceramics

Nancy, Andy and their son Oliver.