One of a Kind Show


Get to Know... Lisa DeMio

03 . 28 . 2017

Lisa DeMio, here with her husband, creates colorful, durable carry accessories under the name of Red Staggerwing.  

One of a Kind:  Tell us about Red Staggerwing.

Lisa:  Red Staggering is my collection of high quality, everyday carry accessories featuring handprinted linen, waxed canvas, leather and cotton.  Every piece is carefully handcrafted in my small New Hampshire studio.

One of a Kind:  What will you be bringing to the Spring show?

Lisa:  I'll have a large assortment of accessories for both women and men.  Weekenders, totes, clutches and wallets--all in bright colors and/or fun patterns.  I'm known for my linings which are also colorful and fun.  I think the inside of a bag should be as delightful as the outside!

One of a Kind:  What inspires you?

Lisa:  I love pattern and follow a ton of surface designers on Instagram.  It's important to me that my bags be both practical and classic by design, so I look for textiles and hardware that complement that simplicity with color, pattern or both.

One of a Kind:  How did you get started?

Lisa:  I worked as a perennials manager at a local nursery and loved the time outside and helping people build their gardens but I was bored during the off-season (that's November through March here in New England).  I started sewing for myself to keep busy.  I made a bag and someone asked me to make one of them.  And it all just grew from there!

One of a Kind:  No doubt that you love flowers!  What are your favorites?

Lisa:  Peonies but daisies are a close second!

One of a Kind:  What do you love most about the Spring season?

Lisa:  Watching my gardens reappear from under the snow.  The whole season feels like a big reveal.

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