Get to Know... Jenny Walker

04 . 24 . 2016

One of a Kind:  Describe your work.

Jenny:  I make jewelry from all metals and frequently use vitreous enamel, which is powdered glass fused to metal, so my work can be colorful and organic looking.  I'm heavily inspired by small details found in plants and flowers and there are a lot of leafy, flower and pod shapes in my pieces.  I like to think my work looks old--like it could be found in an archeological dig somewhere--and new at the same time.

Jenny Walker

One of a Kind:  How did you get started?

Jenny:  I started making jewelry in high school when I randomly took a class in metalsmithing and instantly fell in love with the medium and problem solving involved in completing a piece.  The physicality of working with simple tools and using my own strength and ingenuity to make something very pretty and totally unique appealed to me and it still does.

One of a Kind:  What makes you happy?

Jenny:  I'm happiest when working in the studio for long stretches, completely uninterrupted.  I also really love selling directly to customers who really get my work and to see them happy and excited is such a treat.

 Jenny Walker

One of a Kind:  If you weren't an artist what would you be?

Jenny:  I would most likely still be a plumber which is the trade I entered after I graduated from art school.  I endured a five year apprenticeship with Plumbers Local One in Brooklyn and then another  three years as a mechanic.  Great money and lots of good stories but being a jeweler was all I could think about when I was in the middle of it.  My fantasy answer of course is "Circus Performer."

Jenny Walker