One of a Kind Show


Get to Know... Tara Locklear

11 . 06 . 2017

Inspired by urban landscapes, Tara Locklear uses industrial and re-purposed materials to create a visual conversation in the form of jewelry. 

One of a Kind:  Tell us more about your work.

Tara:  My PopRoxx Collection, a response to our material social culture, is comprised of recycled, broken skateboards and hand fabricated sterling silver components. Each design celebrates the story of each skateboard and its rider.  The one-of-a-kind street patinas and colorful graphic qualities of the boards inspire my designs.  I carve and shape each piece of broken board to create my faceted skateboard gems.  These new forms I develop are my "rubies and diamonds" that together with my handmade sterling silver designs honor the history of each skateboard and represent my idea of modern statement jewelry.

One of a Kind:  How did you get started?

Tara:  Little did I know that the day in 2010 when I interviewed my friends at Back Door Skate Shop in Greenville, NC, would become the defining moment for my place in the world of jewelry.  I remember what skateboarding meant to me, by learning how it was more than just skateboarding to them.  It represented so many personal, ethical and social choices.  It now has turned into a love affair of making a choice to be different and stand out from the crowd.

One of a Kind:  What or who inspires you?

Tara:  I am inspired by everyone and everything around me. When I'm at home or in my studio, I am so consumed with the business or just household chores.  So my mind is preoccupied with the tasks at hand.  Being able to sit, observe and be present in what is going on outside of my studio really makes me think and process differently.  When I get to travel or go out and about, I really get to see what everything and everyone is.  Colors and sounds are different, more vibrant and exciting, and new conversations evoke clarity, making my ideas so clear.  It's like my own version of meditation, being present in the everyday.

We are excited to welcome Tara to the One of a Kind Show this December. Come meet her and check out her bold, colorful designs.