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Olefson Art Opticals

Making eyeglass frames is a culmination of my life's work —both the visual principles of design and the tools I learned to use starting in college decades ago to create my designs (hammers, saws, paint brushes and printing presses). And add to that, the tools and materials I learned from my optical mentors—the zyl, the staking and micro tools and teeny, tiny screws. I combine all of these with the computer skills I use for designing and drawing patterns that I was taught while working at TIME. Using a computer enables me to create exacting and symmetrical masters for my hand-made frames. All these materials and skill sets need to be precise to enable their function and not just look good. Most of all, I have nourished my imagination to create distinctive, quirky frames for ordinary, interesting people. When someone wears my readers and hand-made frames, they are truly putting art on their face. Put on a pair and you will 'see.'
Olefson Art Opticals Olefson Art Opticals
Olefson Art Opticals Olefson Art Opticals

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