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One of a Kind Show


Beadsong Jewelry

Southern by birth. Midwestern by residence. Optimistic finder of silver linings in dark clouds. Enchanted by color, pattern, and creativity. Motivated by discovery. Lover of beautiful things, and of helping others feel beautiful. Many of my pieces incorporate beadweaving or bead embroidery, using various ancient and modern techniques to weave thousands of tiny seed beads one at a time into complex, wearable art jewelry that update the ancient techniques for a modern sensibility. I regularly incorporate metalworking with hand fabricated clasps and other components that I fashion from sterling silver or gold-filled wire. Recently, I have begun to work with upcycled materials, repurposing vintage jewelry, found objects, and even upholstery trim samples into my jewelry. I fell into jewelry making almost by accident. After one class years ago that introduced me to the most basic jewelry terms, I set off on a journey of discovery with beads. Over the years, my style has evolved and my techniques have expanded, but my work is consistently about color, pattern, and texture. Sometimes it’s a single bead that inspires me. Sometimes it’s the challenge of working within a specific color palette. Sometimes it’s a “what might happen” experiment with a new technique or revisiting an old one. Whatever the starting place, I revel in the journey, the meditative process of creation, and the joy of working through design challenges to create one of a kind pieces.

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