Gift Guide

BBQ Host

03 . 29 . 2018

We've all been there, heading to the BBQ and while short on time, resort to buying a bottle of wine. This Spring and Summer BBQ season, say thanks to friends and family with a thoughtful gift that's out of the ordinary.

This half moon shaped hanging planter that is hand crafted by Elizabeth Benotti is sure to add a little life to your host's window or wall.

Museum Bees by Trace Mayer are a sweet way to thank your host and leave a lasting impression. Each Museum Bee bridges the beauty of 19th Century American Craftsmanship into the Modern. The bee below is mounted to a Bourbon Barrel frame. 

For the master of the backyard grill, Till's Rub is a seasoning rub made with all natural ingredients with just the right amount of heat.

These colorful wooden bowls by Cobalt & Curry will add a splash of fun to their dining table.