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One of a Kind Show

Gift Guide

The Foodie

10 . 11 . 2019

Tease the taste-buds this holiday season by sharing treats from our new gourmet artisans at the show. These gifts are sure to satisfy the flavor-craving palate of every foodie in your life.

Makers behind Nutkrack create caramelized, buttery, toasted pecans with a touch of sea salt and a whole lot of great energy. Sure to be one sweet and seasonally appropriate gift. Come and taste them for yourself in the Emerging Market.

"Shaken, not stirred". The preference is really theirs while mixing cocktails from Portland Bitters. Made in small batches, these bitters will create compelling cocktails that sparkle. You can find them at the Emerging Market.

Who wouldn't love getting one of these edible pieces of art? Sugoi Sweets makes bonbons that will be happily devoured. No two bonbons are alike, each one is made of the finest Belgium chocolate with hand painted shells. Come see them in person at the Emerging Market!

May their food never be bland again! K-Mama makes gluten free sauce providing a gentle yet rich kick at the end with hints of sesame and smoke. Find them in the Emerging Market.