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One of a Kind Show

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The Trendsetter

11 . 11 . 2021

Looking for something to bring a smile to your most stylish friend's face? The One of a Kind Holiday Show has so much to choose from!

Lydia Crespo of Argaman&Defiance creates cozy and stylish hand-dyed apparel. From elevated sweat shirts and pants, to silk scarves and accessories, Argaman&Defiance's pieces are comfortable and bold whether you're spending the day at home or heading out and about.

Elizabeth Tokoly, the artist behind EatMetal, Inc., crafts handmade jewelry inspired by the raw beauty of nature and sacred geometry. These simple and stunning pieces will instantly elevate any outfit.

Sapahn crafts luxury leather bags and accessories that are both practical for everyday use and elegant to elevate any everyday look. From purses to belt bags and more, you'll find many options for the stylish gal on the go.

Sophia Reyes, LLC is a contemporary clothing and accessories line that uses limited edition prints and fabrics to craft high-quality garments in small batches. Find a piece sure to become your favorite fashionista's next wardrobe staple.