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Cluster Funk Studio

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Cluster Funk Studio is an eclectic mix of illustration, design, and printmaking. Artist and designer, Brooke Brown, uses limited color palettes, textures, and layers to create a midcentury printing press aesthetic mixed with contemporary themes. She hand draws everything in Illustrator and Photoshop. She explores mythology, spirituality, the supernatural, science/nature, and femininity in her works. Most include a subtle sense of humor to create unique pieces for every home. She is most known for her art nouveau saint and tarot cards featuring powerful women as well as her invasion series. This series features illustrations of architecture and landscapes mixed with sci-fi characters and monsters. Brown's work includes posters, cards, postcards, prints, linocuts, and stickers. Everything is archival and printed with love in her studio and print shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Cluster Funk Studio
Cluster Funk Studio

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