One of a Kind Show



The genesis of ANEZ began in the hearts and minds of two sisters. Zena and Lena were born in Iraq and immigrated to the United States in the early 2000’s. Driven by immigrant spirit and determination, they successfully adapted to their new country without forgetting the old. Zena and Lena have both had a lifelong passion for the fashion industry, and Zena graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design specializing in women’s wear. She interned under designer Maria Pinto, and has worked as tailor & commissioned designer for costumer Whitney Middleton, whose collaborators include Jamila Woods and Chance the Rapper. Zena and Lena felt that the options for ethically and sustainably made clothing in their new country were limited. The two sisters wished to create a clothing line that pushed the boundaries of today’s fast-fashion while staying committed to their ideals. ANEZ clothing is American-made and hand-crafted with the highest ethical standard. One of the goals of ANEZ is providing the modern woman of all backgrounds with a clothing style and quality she can trust. ANEZ wishes to empower all women with confidence and style.

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