100% VEGAN AND CRUELTY-FREE GIFTS Earth Based Body is a self-care movement born in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Since the Sonoran Desert is literally our back yard, we started there. We harvest everything from succulent cactus varietals to gorgeous botanicals. Mother Nature provides us with the ingredients to provide naturally luxurious bath and body with a purpose. Calming, detox or hydrating, we have your self-care covered! Every ingredient serves a purpose. We use the power of natural ingredients to rethink how they are best used. We celebrate the diversity of our ingredients as they allow each hand-crafted batch of products to take on a life of their own. You won’t find any gluten, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, nor artificial colors or fragrances in our products. Mother Nature is our art director and each of her designs are originals! PERFECT IS BORING. ECO-CHIC BEAUTY FITS INTO ANY LIFESTYLE.

American Botanics