Coffee with Dubhe Carreño

10 . 24 . 2016

Last Monday our week started with a visit to One of a Kind artist Dubhe Carreño's home in a suburb just north of Chicago. We were treated to coffee and treats served in none other than her functionally designed tableware. 

This Quiet Dust is Dubhe's line of ceramic tableware. Her perfectly simple forms she says are inspired by a minimalist aesthetic and by the colors and textures inherent in nature. 

We were fortunate to seeing Dubhe's process in action.  Her work is made with mid-range-temperature porcelain and fired in an oxidation atmosphere firing process. Most forms are made in the potter's wheel and plates are made by rolling clay into slabs, and then carefully cut and finished by hand. 

Before starting This Quiet Dust, Dubhe ran a gallery for almost ten years which was known as the prime platform in Chicago for presenting contemporary ceramics by international artists.  Dubhe herself is a native of Venezuela.

"After I had my first child, I decided to close the gallery and that created the perfect opportunity for me to reconnect with my own studio practice and rediscover my passion for functional objects and the meditative quality of working with clay."

Thank you to our wonderful host Dubhe for welcoming us to her home and studio. We look forward to seeing her at the show this December. 

Find more details about Dubhe and her company This Quiet Dust Ceramics.