Artist Bio Carren Clarke (born 1970 - , Richmond, Va.) Clarke is currently an active studio artist maneuvering, turning, molding, and sculpting clay as co-proprietor of the Woodland Heights Studio in the Richmond, Va. What began as a class to fulfill an interest in pottery nearly two decades ago, has become a full-time career of passion and pride in conceiving creations of fine art made from the earth. Today, Clarke’s gifted hands fashion and transform clay into functional pottery, including plates, bowls, vases, and other houseware items; and fine art objects that includes vessels, masks, torsos, in addition to other innovations conceive and produced in the natural resource - mud. Much of her artistic expressions are influenced by the African, Asian and Greek life and culture, earth tones, and iron and steel. Likewise, many of her works harmonize in hues of honey, green, and blue producing a naturally holistic body of works that are original, dramatic, innovative, delicate, charismatic and energized. In sum, Clarke is masterful at creating works that are simplistically blissful expressions of nature.

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