Gift Guide

The Little Ones

11 . 02 . 2016

You'll have a lot of fun shopping for babies and kids at the One of a Kind Show--plus you can feel really good knowing that everything is handcrafted with care (read:  not mass manufactured overseas!).

Stoke the nostalgia and delight the young ones with old school wooden block toys that are handcut, painted and sealed from Mote Design

Here's a great gift that makes wearing a helmet fun as well as safe!  Tail Wags offers 40 adorable and funky styles to choose from.

Perhaps coordinate the bib with the kitchen?  Owesley Blanket Boutique has a great selection of chic bibs and other accessories for tots.

A colorful, warm and cozy hat like this one from Tuff Kookooshka would be perfect for the long, cold winter ahead.