Gift Guide

Home Decor Fanatics

11 . 03 . 2017

These handcrafted gifts are sure to deck the halls and more throughout the home!

How about a cool lamp made out of 19th century architectural and industrial salvage? Work from artist Mick Whitcomb will bring a true "what's old is new" meaning to anyone's home.                           

Cookbooks transformed into a clock--how charming for a kitchen! Find this and more clever upcycled pieces of functional art are from artist Jim Rosenau of This Into That.

Stem Vases offer a simple and contemporary to display flowers (or fruit and vegetables!). Let them be creative!   

And for those walls in the hall to deck... There is a lot to choose from but we suggest starting with Amanda Bennett. Her funk style mash up on plywood will surely brighten, enliven (and add humor and sass!) to any space.