Gift Guide

The Women in Your Life

11 . 02 . 2016

The only issue you will have shopping for women at the One of a Kind Show is how to decide among the thousands and thousands of handcrafted goodies.  Perhaps start by zeroing in on a category. 

First up--jewelry!  There are so many tremendously talented jewelry artisans at the show from whom you will find an incredible range of handcrafted jewelry in a variety of styles.  Here are just a few ideas from Bird of Virtue, Goldhenn, Anne-Marie Chagnon and Skipping Lilies.

It's hard to go wrong with chic Home Decor items.  Here's one option from Raisa Antonia whose fine knit textiles are designed and knitted by hand in New Hampshire.

There are almost unlimited fashion options in the Accessories category... and you won't have to worry about sizing.  Check these out these options from J. Markell, Lilian Asterfield, Heart Felt and Gina Panorfi.

Not necessarily a category but anything sentimental and with meaning is an ideal gift.  Find what resonates!  Perhaps this freehand painting on a salvaged glass frame from Emmy Star Brown?