Get to Know... Erin Bonham

11 . 16 . 2016

Chicago illustrator and designer Erin Bonham started making her Boxberry line of cards out of a love for doodles and snail mail.

OOAK:  What will you be bringing to this year's Holiday show?

Erin:  I'll be bringing my full line of greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, and happiness.  New this year will be some fun wrapping paper--perfect for the holidays!

OOAK:  How did you get started?

Erin:  I started creating cards in 2013 because I had a few pen pals and sending cards to far-away friends was just so fun for me.  I started out with about 8 styles, selling on Etsy and in local goods shops in Chicago.  I participated in craft shows and continued to grow my line.

OOAK:  What inspires you?

Erin:  Childhood memories, food, animals... everything really!

OOAK:  What makes you happy?

Erin:  Making new cards of course!  Also, doing shows like One of a Kind.  I love meeting customers and seeing their reaction to my cards.

OOAK:  What's your favorite holiday tradition?

Erin:  Going home for the holidays in Northern Michigan.  It's not Christmas unless I'm surrounded by nature and trees.

OOAK:  What's your favorite holiday food?

Erin:  Egg Nog flavored ice cream!

OOAK  How about a favorite holiday song?

Erin:  Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmas Time.