Get to Know... Cynthia Jones

10 . 05 . 2016

Cynthia Jones creates modern organic jewelry with a classic twist out of her Santa Fe studio.

OOAK:  What are you bringing to the Holiday One of a Kind Show?  

Cynthia:  I'm excited to debut my Celestial Collection which has plenty of sterling rings and necklaces.  I'm also bringing back the Saturn ring, sterling necklaces with baby diamonds, cuffs, bangles and rings with various stones too.

OOAK:  How did you get started?

Cynthia:  I found myself gravitating towards designing jewelry in college where I took my first metalsmithing class.  It was love at first solder!  I'm a very tactile, hands on person so becoming a metalsmith jewelry designer felt natural to me.

OOAK:  What or who inspires you?

Cynthia:  All things fashion inspire me!  Being surrounded by creative friends and family inspires me most!  I appreciate all aspects and mediums of art and I feel they influence my drive and passion for designing my own jewelry.

OOAK:  What's your favorite holiday tradition?

Cynthia:  Going home to family and friends on the East Coast.  There's nothing like being home for the holidays.

OOAK:  Favorite holiday food?

Cynthia:  My mom's Christmas chili.

OOAK:  Favorite holiday song?

Cynthia:  All things Harry Connick Jr or Frank Sinatra! 

OOAK:  What's the best gift you've ever received?

Cynthia:  My mountain bike from my husband.  We ride together as a family every weekend we can!