Get to Know... Chhaya Shrader

02 . 28 . 2017

Chhaya Shrader (yes there's 2 "h"s!) of Lucky Skye Graphics creates original art prints and art objects inspired by literature, pop culture, science, music and geometry.

One of a Kind:  How did you get started?

Chhaya:  Making art is my second career after working as an architect for many years.  I left the confines of the corporate world and have not looked back!

One of a Kind:  What influences your work?

Chhaya:  Inspiration is everywhere!  I get inspiration from my travels, the books I read, and other amazing artists.  I also see patterns in everything and that usually sparks ideas.

One of a Kind:  What will you be bringing to the Spring show?

Chhaya:  Lots of art prints, framed art prints, posters and wood blocks.

One of a Kind:  Since we are celebrating Spring... what's your favorite flower?

Chhaya:  A dahlia.

One of a Kind:  What do you love most about the Spring season?

Chhaya:  The flowering trees.

One of a Kind:  What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy Spring day?

Chhaya:  Hunker down with a great book and a cup of tea!

One of a Kind:  Cubs, White Sox or other?

Chhaya:  First, I am a Chicago fan--I'm happy to see any Chicago team win!  Otherwise, the Chicago Blackhawks.

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