Get to Know... Allen Levy

11 . 08 . 2016

Primarily self taught, Allen Levy lives and paints in Woodbridge, VA.

OOAK:  How/why did you get started?

Allen:  I was always aware that I had some type of creative streak but never found a way to channel it.  Once in the corporate world, I began painting as an outlet for stress relief.  Quickly I realized that painting was my passion and I left my corporate job to pursue the creative side of my life.  This is year 7 of painting full-time and I'm as excited and energized as ever.

OOAK:  Tell us about your work.

Allen:  I want my paintings to pull you inside to take a closer look.  At first glance they appear calm, peaceful and harmonious but upon closer review, hidden under each layer I apply, is a detailed and complex story.  There is intense interplay between organic flow and structured ideas and the limitless possibilities that lie between.  The compositions often conjure up a memory of a landscape, a sunset, the weather or even a season, but all are subject to individual interpretation.

OOAK:  What inspires you?

Allen:  My inspiration can come from a variety of sources including personal experiences, immediate surroundings, music and the enjoyment of being creative.  There are pieces that are densely and aggressively painted, and others that possess a more luminous and tranquil quality.  I want my paintings to make you feel something and I use a range of mood, color and composition to get you there.