• Laura Fisher-Bonvallet

  • I design contemporary handwoven art wear using silk, cotton, and rayon fibers. Classy, sophisticated and comfortable, my jackets and scarves span the spectrum from casual to business and into event attire. Come shop to update your wardobe!
  • Oneida , Wisconsin
  • Fashion

As a weaver and designer, I am inspired by the use of texture and harmonious color combinations, and apply these elements in a pleasing blend of symmetry and balance in every design. Using the finest natural fibers of silk, cotton, and rayon, I begin with thread to create cloth on a large floor loom. The resulting fabric, woven in complex twill weave structures, has an especially lovely drape. The silhouettes are my original designs and every piece is created entirely by hand, one at a time with exceptional attention to detail, fit, and finish. The garments are impeccably tailored and suitable as sportswear, business attire, or event wear. My contemporary handwovens evoke a new sophistication in the tailored realm. I want my work to be functional and versatile while maintaining a sense of luxury and style. The woman who wears my garments is confident in her own sense of style which goes beyond pure fashion.

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