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  • Katie Ames Refashions, LLC takes unwanted sweaters and repurposes them into beautiful fashions for you and your home. We craft our products one at a time. Products include Christmas stockings, 2 styles of hats, mittens, text mittens and boot cuffs. Hats are adjustable; hats and mittens are nicely lined and finished with fleece. Stockings are generous in size, sewn with stabilizer for consistency, and fully lined. Our products make the perfect gift!
  • New London , Wisconsin
  • Accessories

Earth friendly, fashion design! At Katie Ames Refashions, we repurpose quality previously owned sweaters into one of a kind hand-crafted hats, mittens, text mittens, boot cuffs, and Christmas stockings. Located in Wisconsin, we are pleased to be included in the Chicago Market, One of a Kind Show (December/Chicago) and various juried art shows throughout the Midwest. Visit our website to see additional photos of our work and retail locations.

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