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  • Katherine Anne Confections

  • Focusing on local and organic ingredients creates unparalleled, intense flavors. At Katherine Anne Confections we don't use anything that your grandmother wouldn't: no artificial ingredients and no corn syrup. We also work with local farmers whenever possible. Our truffles are rolled and hand dipped for an elegant, eye-catching look. Our caramels are made with local wildflower honey and organic agave nectar instead of the dreaded corn syrup. Floral, soft, and silky, our caramels convert anyone!
  • Chicago , Illinois
  • Booth 10084     Gourmet

Katherine's upbringing on a small Wisconsin farm led to an appreciation for fresh, delicious products. In the fall of 2006, Katherine Anne Confections was launched in Chicago to rave reviews. Today, you can find Katherine in her Chicago kitchen, stirring caramel and rolling truffles just like she did at age 10, but with a lot more chocolate.

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